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Epilogue, The Sixteenth: The Woods

After seven hours of walking, of receiving coordinates and plotting points in the notebook, I hadn’t walked a straight line towards the base at all; it was bent, jagged, crooked.

Epilogue, The Fifteenth: The Sea

This one begins in a failing refrigerator factory, perhaps in the year you were born.

Epilogue, The Tenth: Finisterre

Thinking over the last decade, two key dates come to mind. August 23, 2004: a dry, mild Monday evening after a hot afternoon. I'm sitting outside Wellington Station, the MBTA Orange Line stop in Medford, just north of Boston.

Epilogue, The Ninth: Only Love Can Break Your Heart

I. Bucharest, Romania - February 9, 2013 Admission was free. I didn't think I'd have to squeeze into a first-row baseline corner a full half-hour beforehand, though. This was a country with a basketball legacy summed up in a single gentle-giant folk hero, one who wore his freakish height on his jersey during...

Epilogue, The Eighth

I. Something Like His"Sometimes you have to watch somebody love something before you can love it yourself. It is as if they're showing you the way." -Donald Miller, Blue Like JazzI read an article once saying the purpose of writing was threefold: to inform, to entertain, and to persuade. Good writers could do...

Epilogue, The Seventh: The Complete Circle

I. I Believe That We Will WinHOUSTON, April 5 -- When Adam Walsh was in his twenties, he climbed up the coaching ladder through the juco and small-college ranks as an assistant. All throughout, he had the following bullet point at the top of his résumé, under Career Goals: To be a Division I head...

Epilogue, The Sixth: We Never Change

INDIANAPOLIS, April 5 -- One hour after the end of the Closing Ceremony of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games, I re-entered the United States via the Peace Bridge border crossing. I was shaking and crying. As I made my way down Interstate 5 in Washington State, I made an emotional pact with myself that I...

Epilogue, The Fifth: Who Cares Least

I. Into The Wild INDIANAPOLIS, Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport, March 25 -- One of my favorite books of the past 15 years is Into The Wild. It was a national New York Times bestseller that was made into a major motion picture (Emile Hirsch was great in it). It's the non-fictional story of a young ...

Fearlessness and Failure (Epilogue, The Fourth)

Seriously, what's the big deal about fearlessness? It's made out to be this incredible and rare trait that only a select few possess. People forget that it's our natural, default state of being. We enter the world too naive to fear anything; over time, we develop a profile of all that scares us. Som...

Matters of Life and Death (Epilogue, The Third)

PAWTUCKET, R.I., Mar. 28 -- All animate organisms, from the globbiest amoeba to the most intricate human machine, share one thing in common: life. Life is what keeps you going, it's the light before the beginning of the tunnel. The meaning of life is simply this: it means so much that nobody can sur...

Epilogue, The Second

INDIANAPOLIS, Apr. 2 -- There are huge signs all over town -- on airport walls, strung over streetlights, over the main gate to the RCA Dome. They all read, "The Road Ends Here." There's also a giant logo on the side of the 45,000-seat venue, a green and gold star with zag-zigging trailers that has...

The Difference Between Us And Them

Epilogue With the notable exception of our friends in the Ivy League, very few choose to be mid-major people. It usually starts with a stumble: a spate of bad grades during a streak of teenage rebellion, or a bad night of sleep before SAT Saturday (for whatever reason). All of a sudden, there's a ...

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The Woods

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