Epilogue, The Sixteenth: The Woods

After seven hours of walking, of receiving coordinates and plotting points in the notebook, I hadn’t walked a straight line towards the base at all; it was bent, jagged, crooked.

The Ghost

Maybe you'll read this and have the same moment of clarity we had in Detroit that night; we kinda feel like if you've been with us this long, we shouldn't even need to spell any of this out.

The Evolution

Slamball was a combination of the very best elements of every single thing, even video games. It was like NBA Jam from the 1990s, in real life, with all the players on Turbo mode all the time.

The Community

We cannot stress this enough. You need to understand how this all works.

The Ideas (And Where They Come From)

There's only one person in the world with the perspective and chops to pull something like this off.

The Object Permanence

So now, in this suspended liminal space between the known past and an uncertain future, we ask you this: if the games suddenly stopped being played, what would remain?

The Anthem

Your personal relationship with your nation is a singular fingerprint, and the national song gives you 90 seconds to think about all that.

Be #Informed

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The Woods

Once you give over your entire identity to a sport, the lines that separate the game and real life start to disappear. Welcome to The Woods, a new 22-essay anthology from TMM's Season 16.